My name is LaBlanca.
I am a Web & UX Designer

Big Picture Alliance Website

Web Design

Denver Ticketing App Casestudy

UX Design

Music Player Interaction

UI Design

Dog Social Network (New UI Coming Soon!)

Web Development

Various Digital Designs

Graphic Design | Image Manipulation

More Coming Soon!

A little about me

My journey started in my teens, creating graphics and fan pages for all of my favorite music artists. Back when webrings and banner exchanges were a thing. When midis were the only way to add music to a webpage and hosting was through Angelfire, Homestead or Geocities.

Web and graphic design have always been a part of my life. What started out as a hobby, slowly but surely has turned into a career path. I received an associate degree in the early 2000’s and began freelancing off and on providing graphic and web design services to music artist’s and small businesses.

I recently went back to school, attending a 6-month coding bootcamp provided by the University of Denver to update and improve my knowledge. I graduated in 2018 and am now a certified full stack web developer.

Although my true passion is in visual design, I am able to combine both my development and design skills to help you grow your vision, ground up.

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Working with LaBlanca was a phenomenal experience. She's a creative, attentive designer with excellent instincts. Her open communication alleviated any anxiety I had working with her from abroad. I can't wait to work with her on my next project.

Maci Peterson Philitas

Founder and CEO, On Second Thought

"We get so much more engagement. I get a lot more phone calls, parents and students calling,'s really been transformational just in this short period of time."

Aleks Martray

Executive Director, Big Picture Alliance

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