Denver Ticketing App

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  • Category: UX Design
  • Client: N/A
  • Tools: Figma
  • Date: July 2018


Unsolicited Re-design of the RTD Tickets application so that is more user friendly and provides key features


I often use the bus for transportation. Parking can be a huge hassle here in Denver so most times it is more convenient when it comes to attending events or meetings downtown. Also, there have been occasions where I had car trouble and had to depend on public transportation. It happens.



1. Limited Ticket Options There is no option to purchase a one way pass for single trips. In order to use the app, you must buy an all day pass. This is the main complaint I ran accross.

2. Payment Management Users are unable to update credit card information. If anything changes, like the expiration date, you must re-add the card as a new payment method.

3. Map / Routes Currently, the app trip planner links to an external website to check and plan routes. There is no option to save routes or set up alerts within the application.


1. One Way Passes Re-design the UI to allow users to purchase one way passes. In order to offer one way passes, a tracking system would need to be implemented.

2. Payment Methods Add the ability to update payment methods (with minimal effort). Also, offer the option to use online payment platforms like PayPal to purchase passes.

3. Added Features For a better user experience, the ability to stay within the app for the Trip Planner and Next Ride services. Allow users to save addresses for future rides and include real time destination alerts.





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